Bachelor of Science in Business Management

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management is designed to prepare adult learners for future managerial positions and to provide continuing education experiences for current managers. Students are encouraged to develop a sound philosophy, a strong sense of ethics, and effective problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The curriculum effectively balances management and administration courses with general education requirements thus affording students the opportunity to compete successfully in the global employment market for careers in business, government, and education and to fulfill the requirements for admission to graduate study. Students in the Business Management program are required to maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.000 or more in the major field and a minimum grade of “C” in all related courses as well as in English 101-102 and Communication 103.

Since the better academically prepared graduates are more successful in the job market, business management majors are strongly encouraged to maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.500. Students must not register under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grade option for graduation requirement courses. Completion of at least 58 semester hours is required prior to enrollment in 300/400 level business courses.

CourseCourse TitleCredit Hours
COMO 103Oral Communications3
CSOO 126Understanding HU Culture3
ENGO 101Written Communication I3
ENGO 102Written Communication II 3
HEAO 200Health Education2
HISO 106World Civilizations II3
HUMO 201Seminar in Humanities I3
MATO 117Pre-calculus I3
MATO 130Calculus3
CSOO 170Diversity and Global Awareness3
ACCO 203Accounting Principles I3
ACCO 204Accounting Principles II3
MGMO 215 Principles of Statistical Analysis3
MGMO 216Quantitative Methods3
FINO 209Personal Finance3
MGMO 301Business Organization and Management3
FINO 304Business Finance3
PHIO 305 Ethics and Leadership3
MGMT 305Business Law3
MKTG 305Principles of Marketing3
MGMO 312Personnel/Human Resources Management3
MGMO 321Management of International Business3
MGMO 323Information/DP Systems Management3
MGMO 340Business Communications3
MGMO 400Organizational Behavior 3
MGMO 402Production/ Operations Management3
MGMO 412Labor-Management Relations3
MGMO 499 Business Policy and Strategy3
ELECTIVECulture and Civilization Elective3
ELECTIVENatural Science Elective3
ELECTIVEInformation and Technology Elective3
ELECTIVESocial Science Elective (2)6
ELECTIVEFree Elective (5)15
ELECTIVENon-Business Elective3
ELECTIVERelated Elective (2)6
Total Credit Hours122

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