Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision

Take the next step in your career and gain the experience needed to lead within your field with the online Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision. Designed for licensed counselors, this program builds on foundational counseling principles while cultivating clinical and supervisory skills. This combination provides graduates with a versatile and extensive knowledge base from which to better serve their patients and the counseling community. Hampton University offers the accelerated 64 credit-hour Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision online, providing students from across the country flexible access to the information they need to excel within this field. The degree prepares graduates with knowledge of teaching, counseling, and supervision, with concentrations in school counseling and community mental health counseling. Whether you are in a clinical, academic, or research context let your expertise facilitate effective change within your organization. Become an advocate for counselors and clients alike – apply today.

CourseCourse TitleYear/SemesterCredit Hours
COUO 630Analysis of Behavioral Data1st Year – Semester 13
COUO 710Ethics and Legal Aspects of Counseling2nd Year3
COUO 721Advanced Group and Systems Theory2nd Year3
COUO 801Counseling Leadership and Advocacy1st Year – Semester 33
COUO 802Comprehensive Examination2nd Year – Semester 21
COUO 805Human Sexuality1st Year – Semester 23
COUO 814Quantitative Methods I1st Year – Semester 23
COUO 815Quantitative Methods II2nd Year – Semester 13
COUO 816Qualitative Methods of Research1st Year – Semester 13
COUO 823Theory and Practice of Counseling Education1st Year – Semester 33
COUO 824Theories and Practice of Counseling Supervision2nd Year – Semester 23
COUO 825Grant Writing2nd Year – Semester 13
COUO 826Research and Program Evaluation1st Year – Semester 13
COUO 828Counseling Practicum1st Year – Semester 23
COUO 829Counselor Education and Supervision Internship2nd Year – Semester 13
COUO 830Counselor Education and Supervision Internship II3rd Year – Semester 13
COUO 831Dissertation Seminar2nd Year – Semester 23
COUO 832Dissertation I3rd Year – Semester 13
COUO 833Dissertation II3rd Year – Semester 23
COUO 834Dissertation III3rd Year – Semester 23
COUO 835Dissertation IV3rd Year – Semester 33
COUO 836Dissertation Defense3rd Year – Semester 31
Total Credit Hours65

Course Details

  • Cost Per Credit – $695
  • Course Length – 16 weeks
  • Degree Credits – 64
  • Degree Length – 3.5 years

Financial Aid

Admissions Requirements

  • Online application for admission
  • GRE within the last 5 years
  • Writing sample
  • Personal statement
  • Licensures and credentials attained
  • College/University transcripts that include a graduate level course in abnormal psychology and ethics from all Colleges/Universities attended

Please forward all admissions packages and supplemental documentation to:

Hampton U Online
Attn:  Student Support Liaison
PO Box 6162
Hampton, Virginia 23668

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