Bachelor of Science in Nursing (1 Year Accelerated RN)

Summer Semester

CourseCourse TitleCredit HoursWeeks
NURO 308Intro to Online Learning24
NURO 315Transition Theory26
NURO 316Transition Theory Practicum26
Total Credits6

Fall Semester

CourseCourse TitleCredit HoursWeeks
NURO 312Health Assessment for Registered Nurses38 (first)
NURO 307Conceptual Approaches to Pathophysiology38 (first)
Total Credits6
NURO 328Nursing Informatics28 (second)
NURO 415Community Health Nursing48 (second)
NURO 417Community Health Nursing48 (second)
Total Credits10

Spring Semester

CourseCourse TitleCredit HoursWeeks
NURO 418Issues in Research28 (third)
NURO 400 or NURO 428
Major Health Issues and Problems of the Elderly (400)
Transcultural Nursing (428)
38 (third)
Total Credits5
NURO 423Leadership & Management for Registered Nurses48 (fourth)
NURO 424Leadership & Management for Registered Nurses Practicum48 (fourth)
Total Credits8

Total Credit Hours

Credit DescriptionCredit Hours
Total Credits35
RN Advanced Placement Credits33
Total Number Prerequisites Credits55
Total Credits Required For Graduation123


CourseCourse TitleCredits
ENG 101Written Communication I3
ENG 102Written Communication II3
MAT 110College Mathematics II3
MAT 205
PSY 346
Intro to Statistics/Intro to Statistical Methods3
BIO 224Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 225Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIO 304Microbiology4
CHE 101General Chemistry4
SOC 205Intro to Sociology3
PSY 203Intro to Psychology3
PSY 311Developmental Psychology3
COM 103Oral Communication3
HUM 201Humanities I3
HUM 202Humanities II or Fine Arts3
HIS 106History of World Civilization II3
General Elective4
PE (2 Activity Courses) or HEA 200Physical Education or
Health Education
Waiver for UNV 101 with transfer of 30 or more credits

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