Hampton University Receives the Largest Single Gift in the School’s History

HAMPTON, Va. (July 28, 2020) – Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey is pleased to announce that the University has received the largest, single gift in the school’s history of $30,000,000 from Ms. MacKenzie Scott. Ms. Scott made the announcement public today, saying “I pledged to give the majority of my wealth back to the society that helped generate it, [and] to do it thoughtfully.” 

Dr. Harvey, who has successfully led Hampton University for more than four decades, met the measure that Ms. Scott set when she noted that she wanted to call attention to “organizations and leaders driving change.” She chose Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey and Hampton University as one of the institutions because as she explained, the recipients had to “have a track record of effective management and significant impact in their fields.”

“This pure act of benevolence is clearly a game changer and it could not have come at a better time,” said Dr. Harvey. “I speak for the entire Hampton University community when I say we are grateful to Ms. MacKenzie Scott, who has chosen to support us during this unprecedented period of uncertainty.”

Dr. Harvey, who has sole discretion on how the funding will be used, has consulted with members of the Board of Trustees, deans, and administrators to review plans for allocating the generous donation. Among the options for funding are the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute, where lives are saved daily from the devastating effects of cancer; new student scholarships geared to assist high school students who have demonstrated strong character and a yearning for higher education; and further support of the University’s technological advances and upgrades to scientific laboratories campus-wide and more.

Scott deepened the meaning behind her pledge saying, “I watched the first half of 2020 with a mixture of heartbreak and horror. Life will never stop finding fresh ways to expose inequities in our systems; or waking us up to the fact that a civilization this imbalanced is not only unjust, but also unstable.” She went on to say, “What fills me with hope is the thought of what will come if each of us reflects on what we can offer.”

Other HBCUs and nonprofits are also receiving donations from Scott who sought guidance from a “team of non-profit advisors with key representation from historically marginalized race, gender, and sexual identity groups.” She also indicated that her work is ongoing and will last for years. This gift will ensure that Hampton University persists in educating the best and the brightest students in the nation and continues its legacy as THE Standard of Excellence.

In New Book Acclaimed Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey Shares His 10 Principles of Leadership that Distinguish Effective Leaders

Insights from an Icon of Higher Education Serve as Powerful Guide to Success

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HAMPTON, Va. – In his inspiring and motivational new book, Principles of Leadership: The Harvey Leadership Model, Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey, an icon of higher education, shares the insights and philosophy that have shaped his empowering leadership model.

Set to be released on February 20, 2017 the book ($24.99, hardcover, Hampton University Press, available on Amazon.com) examines ten principles that have guided Dr. Harvey throughout a remarkable life and career, spanning his upbringing in Brewton, Alabama and his current role as one of the longest serving higher education presidents in the United States. 

During his nearly 40-year tenure at the helm of one of the nation’s most prestigious small colleges, Dr. Harvey has helped usher in a remarkable era of growth. When he assumed the presidency of Hampton in the summer of 1978 the university’s endowment stood at $29 million. Today it exceeds $260 million, making it consistently in the top three of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) with the largest endowments.

“When I interviewed for the presidency at Hampton 39 years ago, I made it clear that if selected, I would run Hampton like a business for educational objectives,” said Harvey.

Harvey attributes much of his success to one of the principles he discusses in a chapter on fiscal conservatism, that also illustrates the compelling way he weaves throughout the book, the importance of his parents in framing his leadership philosophy. “I mentioned that my mother emphasized, ‘If you have a dollar, you can’t go to the grocery store and buy a dollar and twenty-five cents worth of groceries. This concept demonstrates sound thinking, and I have incorporated her views into my philosophy”.

In one particularly poignant account, Harvey describes the role his boyhood home played as a meeting place for civil rights leaders including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his brother Rev. A. D. King and Rev. Ralph Abernathy. His father allowed him to be present during meetings but as Dr. Harvey describes, “He gave me permission to be present with the proviso that I could not ask a question, venture an opinion, or otherwise speak. As he would say, ‘You are to listen and learn.”

Another chapter deals with the importance of results, amply demonstrated in the growth of Hampton University under Dr. Harvey’s leadership. As he notes, “We at Hampton have realized undeniable success for almost four decades in the areas of academics and research, student enrollment and accomplishments, finances, the enhancement of the physical plant, and athletics”.  One of those accomplishments is the unique place the university holds as the first and only HBCU to have 100 percent control of a NASA mission, a global climate change project run by Hampton’s Atmospheric Science unit. For an example, Hampton currently has three satellites orbiting the earth and expects to launch another one within the very near future.  A powerful testament to Dr. Harvey’s influence and example, are the 17 former administrators of Hampton University who served under Dr. Harvey, and have gone on to become presidents of other institutions of higher learning.

“Dr. William Harvey is a phenomenal mentor who promotes and advances his staff, providing opportunities to soar above the eagles and to land safely when storms erupt as they inevitably will do,” said Dr. Elnora Daniel, former President of Chicago State University.

For anyone seeking to become an effective leader, in any endeavor, the core values, characteristics and insights outlined in Principles of Leadership: The Harvey Leadership Model, is a must-have guide.

You can learn more about Principles of Leadership: The Harvey Leadership Model at http://www.PrinciplesOfLeadershipBook.com/.
For media requests and additional information, contact B. Da’Vida Plummer, Assistant Vice President Marketing/Dean of The Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, Hampton University at (757) 727-5405 or DaVida.Plummer@hamptonu.edu.                                      

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About Dr. William R. Harvey
Dr. William R. Harvey has served as President of Hampton University for 39 years. During his tenure, he has introduced innovations that have solidified Hampton’s stellar position among the nation’s colleges and universities. His extraordinary leadership is reflected in the growth and quality of the University’s student population, academic programs, physical facilities and financial base.

Hampton University has built the first proton therapy cancer treatment center in the Commonwealth of Virginia — an unparalleled hub for cancer treatment, research and technology.

An astute businessman, Dr. Harvey has applied his business acumen to the needs of Hampton University. In the process, he established student scholarships, created jobs, provided services, and increased the number of African-American entrepreneurs, while expanding the tax base in the City of Hampton.

In addition to the distinguished leadership Dr. Harvey has provided to Hampton University, he is the sole owner of the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Houghton, Michigan.