How To: Campus WIFI

How To: Campus WIFI

Instructions for connecting to the Hampton University Campus Wireless Networks

There are multiple WIFI Network SSID’s that can connect you to campus Wireless.   
The process for connecting to each will vary depending upon the option you choose.

Wireless Pirate 1

You may use Wireless Pirate 1 where ever it is available on Campus. This wireless network requires you to login with your Infotech username and password before you can access outside websites.

Guest Network

This network may be used by visitors and guests on Campus. (If the Guest network is not available in your area it can be turned on by the Network team.) Using the Guest Network requires setting up a temporary account for access.

Wireless Pirate 2

Students can connect up to 5 devices to the network Wireless Pirate 2. You may register devices to connect to this network automatically. (Registered Devices do not need to enter login Information to access the internet.)