Password Manager

Password Manager

Use Password Manager to Change or Unlock your Infotech Password.

Before using Password Manager, you must setup your account online.

You will be asked to create several challenge questions that will be used to confirm your identity later should you get locked out or need to manage your account.

Remember you must register with Password manager before you get locked out in order manage your password.

Step 1. Go to Hampton University’s Home Page (
Step 2. Click on the Current Student or Faculty/Staff  Tab according to your classification.
Step 3. Click on Password Manager to Register
Step 4. Locate Account – Enter Your User Name (Type your first, last, partial or logon name)
Step 5. On the Welcome Page click the “Register with Password Manager”
Step 6. Registration with Password Manager (enter your Infotech password)
Step 7. Configure your “Questions and Answers Profile”
Step 8. Click Finish
Step 9. Registration with Password Manager.
You have successfully registered with Password Manager.

Watch the video below for graphic instructions.

Go to Password Manager