Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Undergraduate Summer 2022

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Summer V (8 Weeks)May 23 – July 15 – 2022Mar 1 – May 22, 2021May 23 – May 27, 2022May 23 – May 27, 2022May 30 – July 8, 2022

Graduate Spring 2022

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Spring III (8 Weeks)Jan 10 – Mar 4, 2022Nov 9, 2021 – Jan 9, 2022Jan 10 – Jan 14, 2022Jan 10 – Jan 14, 2022Jan 17 – Feb 5, 2022
Spring IV (8 Weeks)Mar 14 – May 6, 2022Nov 9, 2021 – Mar 13, 2022Mar 14 – Mar 18, 2022Mar 14 – Mar 18, 2022Mar 21 – Apr 29, 2022
Spring Semester (16 Weeks)Jan 3 – April 27, 2022Nov 9, 2021 – Jan 2, 2022Jan 3 – Jan 7, 2022Jan 3 – Jan 7, 2022Jan 10 – Apr 20, 2022

Undergraduate Spring 2022

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Spring III (8 Weeks)Jan 10 – Mar 4, 2022Nov 9, 2021 – Jan 9, 2022Jan 10 – Jan 14, 2022Jan 10 – Jan 14, 2022Jan 17 – Feb 5, 2022
Spring IV (8 Weeks)Mar 14 – May 6, 2022Nov 9, 2021 – Mar 13, 2022Mar 14 – Mar 18, 2022Mar 14 – Mar 18, 2022Mar 21 – Apr 29, 2022

17197ACCO 203Accounting Principles PembertonBrittany
17246AVNO153Aviation Foundations IMcKayRoland
17198AVNO181Introduction to Airport SystemsMcKayRoland
17200BIOO 101Nature of Life BookerCaressa
17201COMO 103Oral Communication BanksVirgelia
17202CRJO 416Terrorism & National SecurityAckermanGeorge
17203CRJO 417Enforcement & SecurityAckermanGeorge
17370CRJO 499Senior PracticumAckermanGeorge
17204CSOO 126Understanding the HU Culture Suber-WatersJasmine
17205CSOO170Diversity & Global Awareness BurnettJohn
17206ECOO 201Principles of Macroeconomics BartelsJohn
17326EMSM408EMS FinanceTBA
17207ENGO 101Written Communication IReddingDionne
17208ENGO214Selections in LiteratureReddingDionne
17209ENTO210Intro to EntrepreneurshipBellamyMichael
17210FINO290Personal Finance LewisRegina
17211HEAO200Health EducationMarrowKia
17323HEAO 441Health & AgingMarrowKia
17212HISO 106World Civilizations II PearceyMatthew
17214HUMO201Seminar in Humanities IKolbaThomas
17215JACO220Principles of Public RelationsLewisRegina
17216MATO110College Mathematics IIBoniAshley
17218MATO 130Calculus ThomasDawn
17219MGMO 205Computer Concepts in BusinessHagwoodStephen
17220MGMO215Principles of Statistical AnalysisBillRobertson
17221MGMO216Quantative MethodsSmithBrenda
17223MGMO312Personnel/Human Resources ManagementRushMaria
17222MGMO323Information DP Systems ManagementHagwoodStephen
17224MGMO 340Business Communication BowensRobin
17225MGMO412Labor Management RelationsSmithBrenda
17226MGMO414Business EthicsTBA
17227MGMO499Business Policy & StrategyBurnettJohn
17228MKTO 305Principles of MarketingLewisRegina
17229PHIO 203History of Western Philosophy IBellCorlette
17230PLSO127Legal WritingMullensCharise
17231PLSO405Wills, Trusts and EstatesMullensCharise
17233PSYO401Industrial PsychologyKimLong
17234POLO201Introduction to Political ScienceTBA
17235RELO201Prophetic BooksMaxwellWillard
17236RELO202Life and Teachings of JesusSwannKevin
17237RELO211New Testament ISwannKevin
17238RELO307World ReligionsBurrellBill
17239RELO310Basic Insights in Judeo Christian TraditionBurrellBill
17240RELO321African American Religions in Historical PerspectiveHagginsDebra
17241RELO401Introduction to Theology HagginsDebra
17242RELO450Introduction to Pastoral CareHagginsDebra
17243SOCO250Introduction to Social ResearchDasShyamal
17244SOCO304Race and Ethnic RelationsDasShyamal

17245ACCO204Accounting Principles II PembertonBrittany
17247AVNO162Private Pilot Skill EnhancementMcKayRoland
17377COMO250Interpersonal CommunicationBanksVirgelia
17248CSOO126Understanding the HU Culture Suber-WatersJasmine
17249CSOO170Diversity & Global Awareness BurnettJohn
17250CSOO499General Studies Capstone BowensRobin
17251ECOO202Principles of Microeconomics BartelsJohn
17378EMSM403Strategic PlanningTBA
17252ENGO102Written Communication IIReddingDionne
17253ENTO210Introduction to EntrepreneurshipBellemyMichael
17256HISO107African-American HistoryPearcyMatthew
17257HMRO417Legal Aspects of HRMRushMaria
17258HMRO499Human Resources Mgmt. SeminarRushMaria
17259HUMO202Seminar in Humanities IIKolbaThomas
17260MATO 130Calculus BillRobertson
17261MGMO200Introduction to BusinessRushMaria
17262MGMO216Quantitative MethodsSmithBrenda
17263MGMO301Business Organization and ManagementBowensRobin
17264MGMO330Management of Small BusinessAckermanGeorge
17265MGMO400Organizational BehaviorHagwoodStephen
17266MGMO402Production Operation ManagementHagwoodStephen
17267MGMO 499Business Policy and StrategyBurnettJohn
17268MKTO 305Principles of MarketingLewisRegina
17269PHIO 204History of Western Philsophy IIBellCorlette
17270PHIO 305Ethics and Leadership AllisonGeth
17271PLSO360Criminal LawMullensCharise
17272PLSO401Paralegal InternshipMullensCharise
17273PLSO410Constitutional LawKearneyAngelique
17274PSYO205Social PsychologyLongKim
17275RELO201Life and Teachings of JesusHagginsDebra
17277RELO212New Testament IISwannKevin
17278PHIO 304Contemporary Ethical Problems: Ethics in AmericaHagginsDebra
17270RELO305Ethics and LeadershipHagginsDebra
17280RELO307World ReligionsAllisonGeth
17281RELO450Introduction to Pastoral CareSwannKevin
17282SCIO102Introduction to Physical ScienceBillRobertson
17283SOCO205Introduction to SociologyDasShyamal
17284SOCO415Advanced CriminologyDasShyamal

Undergraduate Winter 2021

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Winter Mini-Session (6 Weeks)Nov 29, 2021 – Jan 7, 2022Nov 1 – Nov 28, 2021Nov 29, 2021Nov 29, 2021Can not withdraw from a mini-session

47097ACCO20373Accounting Principles IBrittany Pemberton
47098ACCO20473Accounting Principles IIBrittany Pemberton
47049BIOO10173Nature of Life Caressa Booker
47125BIOO33673Human PhysiologyDr. Jermel Watkins
47126BIOO50573Research ProblemsDr. Jermel Watkins
47088CHEO30373Elementary Biochemistry IOluwatoyin Asojo
47127CHEO30473Elementary Biochemistry IIOluwatoyin Asojo
47050COMO10373Oral Communication Virgelia Banks
47051CRJO40973The Criminalistics of Cybercrime George Ackerman
47052CRJO41173Homeland Security George Ackerman
47099CRJO49973Senior PracticumGeorge Ackerman
47100CSOO12673Understanding the HU Culture/Adult Academic Successful Skills for Adult LearningJasmine Suber-Waters
47101CSOO 17073Diversity & Global AwarenessJohn Burnett
47053ECOO20173Principles of Economics (Macro) John Bartels
47102ECOO20273Principles of Economics (Micro) John Bartels
47095EMSM40873Strategic PlanningTBA
47055ENGO10173Written Communication I Dionne Redding
47056ENGO 10273Written Communication II Dionne Redding
47057ENTO21073Introduction to Entrepreneurship Michael Bellamy
47119FADO30073Survey of Legal, Social and Political IssuesTBA
47058FINO29073Personal Finance Regina Lewis
47059HEAO 20073Health Education Kia Marrow
47103HEAO44173Health and AgingKia Marrow
47060HISO 10673World Civilizations II Matthew Pearcy
47061HISO10773Survey of African-American History Matthew Pearcy
47062HMRO 31573Training and Development in Organizations Maria Rush
47063HMRO31673Compensation and Benefits AdministrationMaria Rush
47104HMRO41873Organizational ChangeBrenda Smith
47064HUMO20173Seminar in Humanities I Thomas Kolba
47065HUMO20273Seminar in Humanities II Thomas Kolba
47066MATO11073College Mathematics II Ashley Boni
47067MATO11773Pre-Calculus Thomas Dawn
47105MATO13073CalculusRobertson Bill
47068MATO20573Introduction to Statistics Robertson Bill
47120MATO30573Probability and StatisticsDr. Erebholo
47063MGMO20573Computer Concepts in Business Stephen Hagwood
47106MGMO21673Quantitative MethodsBrenda Smith
47070MGMO 30073Total Quantity Management John Burnett
47107MGMO30173Business Organization and ManagementMichael Bellamy
47071MGMO30573Business Law TBA
47072MGMO31273Personnel/Human Resources ManagementMaria Rush
47108MGMO 32373Information DP Systems ManagementStephen Hagwood
47073MGMO34073Business CommunicationBrenda Smith
47074MGMO 35073Principles of Supervision Robin Bowens
47109MGMO40273Production/Operations ManagementRobin Bowens
47092MKTO30573Principles of MarketingRegina Lewis
47089PEDO48073Practicum in Kinesiology IStacy Privett
47090PEDO48173Practicum in Kinesiology IIStacy Privett
47075PHIO30473Ethics Corletta Bell
47076PDMO21173Public Administration Regina Lewis
47110PLSO12673Legal ResearchTBA
47111PLSO12773Legal WritingTBA
47112PLSO15073Torts and Personal InjuryAngelique Kearney
47077PLSO30573Law Office Management Mouhriz Turner
47113PLSO 31073Real EstateMouhriz Turner
47094PLSO 32073Litigation & Trial PracticeCharisse Mullen
47078PLSO35073Business Organization Angelique Kearney
47114PLSO36073Criminal LawCharisse Mullen
47115PLSO40573Will’s, Trust and EstatesAngelique Kearney
47079PSYO 20373Intro to Psychology Kim Long
47080PYSO20573Social Psychology Kim Long
47081RELO30773World Religion Bill Burrell
47082RELO31073Basic Insights to Judeo Christian Tradition Bill Burrell
47083RELO 32173African American Religions in Historical PerspectiveBill Burrell
47116SCIO10273Physical ScienceRobertson Bill
47084SOCO20573Introduction to Sociology Shyamal Das
47117SOCO30473Race & Ethics RelationsShyamal Das
47118SOCO 30573The Criminal Justice SystemShyamal Das

Fall 2021

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Fall I (8 Weeks)Aug 2 – Sep 24, 2021May 18 – Aug 1, 2021Aug 2 – Aug 6, 2021Aug 2 – Aug 6, 2021Aug 9 – Sep 17, 2021
Fall II (8 Weeks)Oct 4 – Dec 3, 2021May 18 – Oct 3, 2021Oct 4 – Oct 8, 2021Oct 4 – Oct 8, 2021Oct 11 – Nov 26, 2021
Fall Semester (16 Weeks)Aug 9 – Dec 3, 2021May 18 – Aug 8, 2021Aug 9 – Aug 13, 2021Aug 9 – Aug 13, 2021Aug 16 – Nov 26, 2021

3729471ACCO 203Accounting Principles I
3729571AVNO 201Fight Safety
3729671AVON 281Airport Operations (Landside)
3729771BIOO 101 Nature of Life
3729871COMO 103 Oral Communication
3729971COMO 250Interpersonal Communication
3730071CRJO 407Forensics Crime Scene Investigation
3730171CRJO 416Terrorism & National Security
3730271CRJO 410Issues in Law Enforcement
3730371CSOO 126 Understanding the HU Culture
3730471CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
3730571CSOO 240Introduction to Human Resource Management
3730671ECOO 201Economics (Macro)
3730771ENGO 101 Written Communication I
3730871ENGO 214Selections in Literature
3730971FINO 290Personal Finance
3731071FINO304Busines Finance
3731171HEAO 200 Health Education
3731271HISO 106 World Civilizations II
3731371HMRO 315Training & Development in Organizations
3731471HMRO 316Compensation and Benefits Administration
3731571HUMO 201Seminar in Humanities I
3731671MATO 110College Math II
3731771MATO 117Pre-Calculus
3731871MGMO 205Computer Concepts in Business
3731971MGMO 215Principles of Statistical Analysis
3732071MGMO 301 Business Organization & Management
3732171MGMO 305Business Law I
3732271MGMO 312Personnel HRM
3732371MGMO 400Organizational Behavior
3732471MGMO 323Management Information DP Systems
3732571PHIO 203History of Western Philosphy I
3732671PHIO 210Logic and the Scientific Method
3732771PHIO 304Contemporary Ethical Problems: Ethics in America
3732871PLSO 125Law in Society
3732971PLSO 126Legal Research
3733071PLSO 306Contemporary Legal Ethics
3733171PLSO 350Business Organization
3733271PLSO 412 Intro to Administrative Law
3733371PSYO 401Industrial Psychology
3733471RELO 111Old Testament I
3733571RELO 200Introduction to Religious Studies
3733671RELO 307World Religions
3733771SOCO 205Introduction to Sociology
3733871SOCO 215Intro to Criminalology
3733971SOCO 305The Criminal Justice System
3734071SOCO 346Statistics
3739571RELO 104Public Speaking (Homiletics)
3739671PHIO 301Contemporary Moral Problems
3739771RELO 204Pentecostalism

3734172ACCO 204Accounting Principles II
3739472AVNO 162Private Pilot Ground School
3734272AVNO 282Airport Operations (Airside)
3734372AVNO 353Avaition Management
3734472COMO 103 Oral Communication
3734572COMO 250Interpersonal Communication
3734672CSOO 126Understanding HU Culture
3734772CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
3734872CRJO 410Issues in Law Enforncement
3734972CRJO 417Enforcement & Security
3735072CRJO 418Emergency Prepareness
3735172CSOO 499General Studies Capstone
3735272ECOO 200Intro. to Economics
3735372ECOO 202Economics (Micro)
3735472ENGO 102 Written Communication II
3735572ENGO 214Selections in Literature
3735672ENTO 210Intro to Entrepreneurship
3735772FINO 304Business Finance
3735872HISO 107African-American History
3735972HMRO 316 Compensation & Benefits
3736072HMRO 417Legal Aspects of HR Management
3736172HUMO 202Seminar in Humanities II
3736272JACO 220Principles of Public Relations
3736372MATO 130 Calculus
3736472MATO 205Intro. to Statistics
3736572MGMO 205Computer Concepts in Business
3736672MGMO 305Business Law
3736772MGMO 312Personnel/Human Resources Management
3736872MGMO 321 Management of International Business
3736972MGMO 323Information/DP Systems Management
3737072MGMO 340Business Communication
3737172MGMO 412 Labor Management Relations
3737272MGMO 499Business Policy and Strategy
3737372MKTO 305Principles of Marketing
3737472PHIO 204History of Western Philosphy II
3737572PHIO 210Logic & Scientific Method
3737672PHIO 301Contemoprary Moral Problems
3737772PHIO 304Contemporaary Ethical Problems
3737872PHIO 305Ethics and Leadership
3737972PLSO 306 Contemporary Legal Ethics
3738072PLSO 370Domestic Relations
3738172PLSO 401Paralegal Internship
3738272PLSO 412Intro to Administrative Law
3738372PLSO 413Debt/Credit Relations
3738472POLO 201Intro. to Political Science
3738572PSYO 203Introduction to Psychology
3738672PSYO 205Social Psychology
3738772RELO 201The Prophetic Books
3738872RELO 205Other Religious Traditions
3738972RELO 310Basic Insight of the Judeo Christian Tradition
3739072SOCO 205Intro to Sociology
3739172SOCO 403Victimology
3739272SOCO 405Violence Against Women
3739372SOCO 400Intership
3739872RELO 112Old Testament II
3748072PLSO 127Legal Writing
3745172PLSO 320320 Litigation and Trial Practices

Summer 2021

TermDatesRegistrationLate Registration PeriodAdd/Drop PeriodWithdrawal Period
Summer V (8 Weeks)May 24 – July 16, 2021Mar 1 – May 21, 2021May 24 – May 28, 2021May 24 – May 28, 2021May 31 – July 9, 2021

2702927ACCO 203Accounting Principles I
2703027AVNO 454Senior Practicum/Capstone
2703127AVNO 480Airport Design
2703227BIOO 101Nature of Life
2703327COMO 103Oral Communication
2703427COMO 250Interpersonal Communication
2707627CRJO 205Intro to Criminal Justice
2703527CRJO 409Criminalistics of Cybercrime
2703627CRJO 410Issues in Law Enforcement
2703727CRJO 411Homeland Security
2703827CSOO 126Understanding the HU Culture
2703927CSOO 170Diversity & Global Awareness
2704027CSOO 240Intro to Human Resource Management
2704127CSOO 499Senior Capstone
2704227ECOO 200Economics
2704327ECOO 202Principles of Economics (Micro)
2704427ENGO 101Written Communication I
2704527ENGO 102Written Communication II
2704627ENTO 210Intro to Entrepreneurship
2704727FADM 300Survey of Legal, Social & Political Issues
2704827FINO 304Business Finance
2704927HEAO 200Health Education
2705027HISO 106World Civilizaiton II
2705127HUMO 201Seminars in Humanities I
2705227HUMO 202Seminars in Humanities II
2705327JACO 220Principles of Public Relations
2705427MATO 110College Mathematics II
2705527MATO 117Pre-Calculus
2705627MATO 205Introduction to Statistics
2705727MGMO 200Intro to Business
2705827MGMO 205Computer Concepts in Busines
2705927MGMO 301Business Organization & Management
2706027MGMO 321International Business
2706127MGMO 305Business Law
2706227MGMO 340Business Communication
2706327MGMO 400Organizational Behavior
2706427MGMO 412Labor-Management Relations
2706527MKTO 305Prin. of Marketing
2706627PDMO 211Public Administration
2706727PHIO 301Contemporary Moral Problems
2706827PHIO 304Contemporary Ethical Problems
2706927PHIO 305Ethics and Leadership
2707027PLSO 310Real Estate
2707127PLSO 360Criminal Law
2707227PLSO 370Domestic Relations
2707327PSYO 203Intro. To Psychology
2707427PSYO 401Industrial Psychology
2707527SOCO 205Introduction to Sociology
2709027CHEO 303Introduction to Biochemistry I
2709127CHEO 304Introduction to Biochemistry II
2709327EDMT 300Homeland Security Organization
2709427EDMT 305Emergency & Disaster Incident Command
2709627CHEO 202Gen Chem/Qual Analysis II
2709727CHEO 301Gen Organic Chemistry
2709827CHEO 302Gen Organic Chemistry II
2709927CHEO 201General Chemistry

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